The Changing Face of Technology

This weekend, I was out with my younger sister and her friends.  Over a few cocktails, the group got into a heated conversation about a recent story of an 18 year old teenage boy being charged with possessing child porn and who will carry the term “sex offender” until he is 43 years old, all after “sexting” indecent photos of his ex-girlfriend to friends.  Regardless of how you feel about the charges, I personally think its scary to categorize these children in the same class as predatory monsters, but regardless – is the law too outdated for technology?  Are kids more sophisticated than the law allows?

Not that I am excusing this behavior, at all, but could this be the modern day way of teasing, bullying, and more?  Because information is easily transmissible and easily accessible, is it too easy for kids to mass humiliate each other and violate privacy?  At what point do we need to be honest with politicians and ourselves, and say, “This is wrong.  But these kids aren’t criminals.  They’re just dumb kids.”


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