Pretending to be Jeff Gordon

When you hear CES (Consumer Electronics Show) you think – Sony, Panasonic, Microsoft, Apple.  Did you ever think you’d hear Hot Wheels?

Toy company Mattel is supersizing the age-old racetrack with a miniature camera so kids can see what it’s like to do loop-de-loops at 1/64 the size.


The vehicle has a VGA video camera mounted at the front… There’s even a small LCD on the undercarriage that lets you play back the clips.

There’s no external memory storage option, but the Video Racer is able to capture up to 12 minutes of footage. There’s also an optional case that allows you to clip the racing recorder to a skateboard or bicycle.

Mattel is supplying a simple-to-use video editor with the Video Racer that allows users to edit clips and add sound and effects.

Kids can pretend to be Jeff Gordon without even getting in a racecar, but can also capture themselves on their bike and skateboard with the protective optional case.  Now all Mattel needs is to tap into their Hot Wheels website where kids can safely upload and share their best stunts and video captures for all to see.  Maybe even let kids rate the best stunts of the week…

The new Hot Wheels Video Racer should be in stores this fall and will retail for $59.99.


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