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I’ll admit, I’m a little bit addicted to Fred.  I just went back to check his most recent YouTube post when I noticed something unusual.

During this newest posting, Fred sings along to a song.  Then at the end of the nearly 3 minute post, a screen comes on with the following information:


‘So Close’

By Jennette Mccurdy

Available on iTunes

March 10th!

Remember I mentioned Fred was making big bucks promoting movies and wireless devices?  Well add musical talent to that list.  Not to mention, Jennette Mccurdy is an actress on iCarly, a TV series “Fred” appearance on earlier this year.  And, while TV shows like The Hills and Gossip Girl have been “discovering” new artists already, I’d bet Jennette Mccurdy (as a singer) blows up fast that a beta fish looking at a mirror, thanks to her pal Fred.



This week I was introduced to Fred.

If you haven’t seen or heard about Fred Figglehorn, hold onto your squirrels.  In real life he’s 15 year-old Lucas Cruishank from Nebraska, but on You Tube he’s a six year-old Kindergarten from a dysfunctional family, with “anger management” problems and a voice that sounds like he inhaled too much helium.  As writer, producer, director, and uploader, Lucas Cruishank has taken the “Broadcast Yourself” tag line to new heights.

Fred launched his own You Tube Channel in April 2008, and today is the most subscribed and most viewed channel on You Tube.  He has over 800,000 subscribers and over 29 million channel views.  A typical Fred video gets 3-6 million plays.  Wow!  Again, he’s 15 years old.

From licensed “Fred” product (Cruishank has signed licensing agency, GR Branding, to manage) and an episode of Nickelodeon’s iCarly (iMeet Fred), to appearances on Disney Channel’s The Suite Life on Deck and The Tyra Banks Show, to hired promotion of Walden Media’s film City of Embers and placement sponsorship from wireless device company Zipit, Cruishank is generating six figures ($$$,$$$) .  A kid with  a video camera has created a mini media empire.

There are no barriers to creating content anymore, and there is certainly no creator too young.  The media world is a new frontier.  Like the famous quote from Field of Dreams, “if you build it they will come”.  And if its anything like Fred, its not only fans flocking, but the mainstream media as well.