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Happy 20th Birthday Game Boy!

Today, April 21 marks the 20th anniversary of the original launch of Nintendo’s Game Boy!  From Tetris and Super Mario Brothers to Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, like a fine wine, some things just get better with age!



The NEW Kids Meal Toy

Tomorrow quick service restaurant, Wendy’s, launches a new Kids Meal promotion.  Premiums are based on the Nintendo DS video game Petz, where kids can create and care for virtual animals.  Kids Mealbags include activity games, coupons for the Petz Dogs Pack or Pet Sports for the Wii, and either the Petz Catz or Petz Dogz PC game, a Catz toy balancer ball, a Dogz plush toy, or a Petz-themed card game.  The promo includes a micro-site with three new, exclusive and co-branded mini-games.

When I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait to get the collection of mini plastic Barbie dolls.  Wendy’s newest promotion just goes to show how evolved kids have become, and how pervasive digital technology has become… they can give away a PC game in a Kids Mealbag for Pete’s sake!