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Gaming Gadget and Nitrous Oxide??

A very special thanks to my friend and fellow blogger for sending over this disturbing article from BoingBoing.


PediSedate is a medical device consisting of a colorful, toy-like headset that connects to a game component such as the Nintendo Game Boy system or a portable CD player. Once the child places it on his or her head and swings the snorkel down from its resting place atop the head, PediSedate transparently monitors respiratory function and distributes nitrous oxide, an anesthetic gas. The child comfortably becomes sedated while playing with a Nintendo Game Boy system or listening to music. This dramatically improves the hospital or dental experience for the child, parents and healthcare providers.

Let’s for a second set aside the chills I’m getting thinking about sedating a child playing a Game Boy… should medical professionals be aligning anesthetics and video games?  I understand sometimes it is hard for kids to sit still at the dentist’s office, which was why they’ve offered Highlights magazines and old puzzles and toys, but has this gone a step too far??  Having gone through my fair share of childhood medical issues, I had the support of my family in the room, got through it and then we went for ice cream.

Going to the doctor or dentist wasn’t supposed to be fun.  If you were there, you had a problem.  If they’re sedating you, it’s more than just a run-of-the-mill cold.  I don’t know, maybe because I don’t have children I can’t empathize with the stress a parent feels, but doctor or parent, your functions should be to support the child.  Not knock them out while you distract them with a game of Mario Brothers.

This creeps me out and I think it is seriously controversial.  I am honestly quite outraged.  Is this a joke?  Seriously, Ashton Kutcher – are you out there somewhere??