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Mommy [Daddy] Bloggers Know Best

I came across this blog today from Mortlemania.  Such an interesting read.  The title of the post is, “If you want smart kids, show them your smartphone.”

As many of the blog postings on this site refer back to iPhone applications and other mobile technologies, consider a dad’s perspective on teaching his trying-to-avoid-bedtime daughter about mosquitos from his iPhone.  Dad is proud of teaching his daughter how a mosquito sucks your blood as well as the difference between Google, You Tube, and Wikipedia (not to mention their corresponding icons).

Dad says in response to those against the advancements of digital technology in kids’ lives,

With appropriate parental guidance, the web in your pocket is your kids’ gateway to all of the world’s knowledge, achievement, creativity, aspiration and inspiration.

As long as we steer children in a way that stimulates both their curiosity and confidence – today’s technology can help bring about a future where human beings are not only better informed, but better equipped to meet the huge social and environmental challenges facing the planet.

How’s that for a bedtime story?